Bluetooth Square Box Stereo

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Product Name:   Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2

Product size: 

154.5mm × 60mm × 25.5mm

Bluetooth version: 


Effective distance:

≤ 10m

Frequency range: 

2402 MHz - 2480 MHz

Support audio protocol:  


Input parameter: 

5V 1A

Time for music: 

about 10 hours (40% of music power)

Rated power: 

2.5w × 2


3 Ω

Frequency response range: 

100Hz - 18KHz


Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2
High-definition sound quality | lightweight portable | Bluetooth 4.2 | 10 hours to play

High-definition sound quality | lightweight portable | Bluetooth 4.2 | 10 hours to play





square box Bluetooth speaker 2, the sound is more clear and natural, full of sound




Double sound unit, continuation of classic good sound

square box Bluetooth speaker 2 continuation of a generation of classic acoustic unit design, a small body of luxury to accommodate the two sound unit and A passive radiator, filling the product design of the fine.




square box Bluetooth speaker 2 size is 154.5 × 60 × 25.5mm, weighs about 237 grams,
Can be freely into the portable backpack, even if the single-handed grip, but also lightweight portable.




square box Bluetooth speaker 2 process again upgrade, silver frosted aluminum alloy box, with warm and white white box, the box is inside the chamfering embedded in the high light side, fine above, more easily into a variety of environments.




Built-in microphone, easy access to every call

Built-in microphone, support the call function, connect the communication device, when there is a phone call, press the power button so it can directly answer and hang up calls; the speaker are using CVC hardware for noise reduction, providing high-definition sound quality which will also help you and friends with "face to face" conversations virtually. In addition Android, iOS smartphones can be connected to use.




Can support 10 hours of life, because of the built-in polymer lithium battery, battery capacity of 1200mAh, gives you more lasting tunage.




Add the AUX interface to the Bluetooth 4.2 chip

Add AUX interface, you can through an audio cable with a standard AUX interface on devices, such as computers, mobile phones, MP3 player
Equipment, etc.To connect to use; upgrade to Bluetooth 4.2 chip, for
Better compatibility, lower power consumption.