Inflatable Life Buoy / Belt Life Buoy / Inflatable Life Belt

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The inflatable belt (life buoy) is  leisure life-saving product, usually with a belt fixed at the waist, looks like a wallet. In case of accidental fall into water, a horseshoe-shaped life buoy will be formed in 3-5 seconds, surrounding the drowning person's waist, allowing the drowning person to float on the surface of the water, thereby saving lives.

   The main technical parameters are as follows:

  1) Weight:<0.6kg;

2) Buoyancy: ≥78.4N;

3) Inflatable molding time: ≤5s;

4) buoyancy loss after 24 hours: ≤5%;

5) CO2 gas weight: 17g;

6) Floating time: ≥24h;

7) the use of ambient temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +65 ℃;

8) Validity: 3 years.

not have CO2 in vest ,because can not send by Express.